Monday, 7 June 2010

Stylish Ace Hotel wedding on 100 Layer Cake

Back in March, we captured the sun-drenched and very relaxed Ace Hotel in Palm Springs on super 8. We thought this retro spot would make the perfect setting for a super cool wedding, and super cool couple Andi & Jarret did just that. We were thrilled to find the details of their Ace Hotel celebration on 100 Layer Cake: Andi & Jarret's wedding day featured a photo shoot by the hotel pool while guests were swimming around and custom beach towels as party favors. We love Max Wanger's photographs, which capture the joy and effortless style of the hotel and the couple on their big day.

We hope to see more weddings at this unique location. Check out our Ace Hotel video for more circa-1965 awesomeness:


  1. wow - those Ace photos are great. That Max guy really takes some unusual shots. There's lots more on his site to enjoy.

  2. Awesome film! Makes you wanna ditch work and escape to the pool!

  3. holy cow i just featured that wedding! i didn't know you have a video for it! i'd love to highlght it perhaps on the site? :)

  4. Hello Hi-Fi!
    The video wasn't for that wedding specifically... it was a promo video we did for the Ace Palm Springs! Feel free to add it to your blog though. :)


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