Monday, 30 November 2009

Love note from Dan


The video we got from you and Tatiana is breathtaking. When Keira's mother first suggested getting a videographer for our wedding, I was very skeptical. I had visions of awkward off-the-cuff well-wishes from tipsy family and friends, washed out colors, and shaky frames. When Keira showed me the Hello Super 8 samples on your website, those fears were assuaged. The dvd we got from you is one of my favorite things from our wedding. You and Tatiana did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the moment and how much fun everyone seemed to be having. It gives me such a good feeling to watch the video and think back on how amazing that day was for me. Thank you so much for the care you put into shooting and editing it. I love it.


Keira & Dan's wedding highlights

As I mentioned before, we had an amazing time at Keira & Dan's wedding held in Cambridge, MA last month. They were just the coolest couple and we loved all of their awesome friends and family. It was all about the details, the love between the two of them and most importantly, the fun! They picked out their own songs for the film and I can't tell you how perfect their choices were.

Here is the highlights film from the day (about 2 minutes). Enjoy!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Love note from Michelle & Johnny

Why we love what we do:

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New favorite blog: Missed Connections

There was a point in time when I used to read the Missed Connections on Craigslist for both for fun and curiosity. I was always fascinated, wondering if said missing person actually felt that connection too, then found the ad, then actually responded, then met the writer and then fell in love (sounds like a movie script waiting to happen).

And of course I always wondered if maybe someone had noticed me and thought we may have had a connection and posted an ad! And I'll admit, I've even looked on it when I thought I had a connection possibly on the Q train, walking our dogs in the park, in the nut aisle in Trader Joes. I'd never have the nerve to actually leave one but it's fun to fantasize.

In a sea of strangers in New York City, it's always nice to have those little innocent, unspoken moments with someone and wonder... could they be the one?

Enjoy this blog that I discovered today. I just love the artful interpretations of the ads illustrated by the talented Sophie Blackall. This brings brings me pure joy!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Venus Magazine Article: DIY filmmaking

I was interviewed along with Amy French (writer/director/actress), Hayley Stuart (indie filmmaker) and Celine Diano (indie film production designer) for Venus Magazine a couple months ago for their do-it-yourself article on filmmaking. We had a great time sharing thoughts, inspirations, and the trials and tribulations on making movies. It's a great read for anyone interested in getting their hands dirty and wanting to learn the art of making films... from commercial to art films to vintage super 8 films!

They also featured my top five vintage cameras. If you want to read the whole article, click here to download a pdf.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fabulous NYC venue: The Norwood

I had the pleasure of attending a super fab wedding last night at the coolest spot ever and wanted to share. The place is a private club called The Norwood and conveniently located on 14th and 8th. It's a full brownstone and each floor is gorgeously decorated. It was the perfect spot for an intimate celebration.

The first floor was a cool lounge/bar area with tons of seating nooks, complete with great art on the walls. There was an lovely garden in the back where softly lit lanterns hung from a huge tree. One flight up was the dining room with big long tables and a kitchen area in the back. And up one more flight was the "club" which had a fantastic bar and little dance floor. Again more cool art and great lighting. Oh and the staff were all very attractive to boot! I never thought I'd be one to want a membership to a private club but hot dang, I wouldn't mind having one there!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Michelle & John's super 8 highlights film

We had the pleasure of filming the gorgeous couple, Michelle & John's September wedding in Connecticut. It was the perfect day for a fantastic celebration. Here are the highlights set to their first dance song. Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Posted on The Knot today!

I'm so excited that our latest Guest Book got posted on The Knot's blog today! Thanks to Rebecca, their amazing photo editor who saw our stuff and loved it (she's a film gal herself). Woohoo for promoting all the wonderful things you can do with super 8!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Guest Book featured on Offbeat Bride

We love Ariel and our Offbeat Brides. Check out the latest post.

Fall Newsletter

If you didn't get this in your inbox, please click here to see our latest newsletter. YAY!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

2009 Hello Super 8 wedding highlights

I just put together this short but sweet video of some of my favorite moments from this year's wedding season. Enjoy!

* For best viewing, press pause, let film load, then press play.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween hilarity

I couldn't resist sharing my crazy costume for this year's Great Pupkin Contest (doggy costume contest). I was inspired by the NY landmark, B & H Photo Video... the epic Orthodox Jewish-run digital megastore. Only if you've been, will you truly understand. It's a bizarre place but one where I've spent many hours and many dollars on all the latest camera/video/photo equipment!

I dressed up like one of their awesome employees, complete with wig, beard, green vest, store logo, and photo I.D. That alone was pretty amazing. But to get my dog Arthur in on it, I dressed him up as an old Betamax video camera. The costume was titled "B&H Photo Clearance Stock."

I created graphics just like the camera and attached them to a box, then added a handle, an eye-piece, a bike light as the flashing "record" light and the cone of shame became the lens. It was a huge success and the crowd went wild for it. The competition was very stiff this year but we got 2nd place out of 85 dogs!!! We won some great prizes and I was quite pleased. I'm not sure how happy Arthur was about it, but he was a real trooper!

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