Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween hilarity

I couldn't resist sharing my crazy costume for this year's Great Pupkin Contest (doggy costume contest). I was inspired by the NY landmark, B & H Photo Video... the epic Orthodox Jewish-run digital megastore. Only if you've been, will you truly understand. It's a bizarre place but one where I've spent many hours and many dollars on all the latest camera/video/photo equipment!

I dressed up like one of their awesome employees, complete with wig, beard, green vest, store logo, and photo I.D. That alone was pretty amazing. But to get my dog Arthur in on it, I dressed him up as an old Betamax video camera. The costume was titled "B&H Photo Clearance Stock."

I created graphics just like the camera and attached them to a box, then added a handle, an eye-piece, a bike light as the flashing "record" light and the cone of shame became the lens. It was a huge success and the crowd went wild for it. The competition was very stiff this year but we got 2nd place out of 85 dogs!!! We won some great prizes and I was quite pleased. I'm not sure how happy Arthur was about it, but he was a real trooper!


  1. This is the awesomest thing ever, in the history of the entire world.

  2. What a brilliant costume - for both of you. You should have come in first. But second place isn't bad at all. Artie is the cutest camera ever.


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