Friday, 30 July 2010

Love Note from Sari

I don’t know even know what to say. We just watched the movie, and tears were pouring down my face (and I didn’t even cry during the ceremony itself)! Your eye, your attention to detail and to beauty, the way you edited the footage, the Super8 film itself— all of it came together in such a magical way, more emotional and intense than I could have dreamed. We both absolutely love the way you integrated our songs into the film; it feels so seamless and right. You somehow managed to include everything and everyone without making the camera obtrusive or even noticeable.

And what can I say about the package itself? Little did I know I would need the kleenex :) Adorable and beyond aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you thank you thank from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this perfect piece of art and for being so much FUN at our wedding. You definitely should be proud of this— it’s brilliant.

Photo credit: Weddings By Two

** STAY TUNED for their highlights film... we'll share it with you next week!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Weekly Wedding Round-up: Burgers and Save the Dates

In-N-Out at a wedding? An adorable dog posing for a Save the Date shoot? These are just a few of the amazing items we pulled from the world of weddings this week:

Monday, 19 July 2010

Compare & Contrast: Super 8 Film Stocks

Whenever we order film for an upcoming Hello Super 8 shoot, there are a whole lot of factors to consider: Is the event indoors or out? What will be the main light source? Will we be shooting at night? What's the color palette going to be? Does the client want a classic or retro look? One of the cool things about super 8 is that there are plenty of amazing film stocks available for us to choose from. Here's a brief comparison of the various super 8 looks that we can achieve using several different--but all beautiful!--film stocks.
  • Color Negative (Kodak Vision 3; 200 & 500 ASA): This stock is ideal for lower light situations and softer colors & skin tones.

  • Color Reversal (Kodak 100D): Comparable to Kodachrome, this color Kodak reversal film has a similar look to older 60s/70s stock. The processed film is highly saturated, with a lot of contrast and rich tones--perfect for capturing bold, bright colors and making a dramatic statement.

  • Black & White Reversal (Tri-X): Black & white reversal also allows for a higher level of contrast than negative film. (What's the difference between reversal and negative? With reversal film, a positive image is imprinted right on the film shot; negative film gets processed into a whole new strip, resulting in the positive print & negatives.)

Reversal/Negative Stock Comparisons

Skin Tones




Bright Sunlight
Bright sunlight is the best friend of reversal film. Here are some examples of processed reversal film, which gives colors a dense, rich, high-contrast appearance.

Low Light
Low light comes out best with a high ASA, so we always opt for negative film. (Reversal requires lots of light to get that big pop of color and can't be used in low light.) Here are some examples of how negative color film performs in low light situations (i.e. when we hit the dance floor!).

Black & White in Natural Light

Black & White in Low Light

So we've got soft & classic color negative, super-saturated & retro color reversal, and the timeless look of black & white film. What's your favorite?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Coming Soon from Hello Super 8!

Today two batches of film arrived from the lab, and the footage is absolutely gorgeous! We couldn't resist offering a sneak peak into Hello Super 8's upcoming wedding films.

Sari + Holly - Provincetown, MA (Check out our full report on this incredible celebration!)

Juanita + Rehan - Wave Hill (Featured in our June weddings locations post.)

We can't wait to edit the beautiful, colorful, super-8 wonderful footage from these June weddings. Stay tuned!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Weekly Wedding Round-up: Destinations & Details

We found a lot of unique destination weddings this week, plus an anniversary shoot at our beloved Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Check out the great eye candy--dresses, cakes, and more--we uncovered.

  • This Lake Como wedding defines luxury: breathtaking views, intricate stonework, and an elegantly-attired bride and groom.
  • The Ace Hotel never ceases to be the perfect spot for sun-kissed romance, and this anniversary shoot hits all the right notes--especially with this adorable shot of the couple checking out their own wedding footage on an old-fashioned projector.
  • A wedding that features vintage cameras as props for the bride and groom is right up our alley.
  • Michigan couple Echo and Rich chose to get married in a little black chapel in a field in Iceland. Talented Icelandic photographer Bragi Por Josefsson captures the landscape & couple in some extraordinary shots.
  • Givenchy's newest collection features some dazzling numbers that would be fitting for a haute couture bride.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Hello Super 8 team

Thanks to brilliant photographer, Bobby Sukrachand, for sending along this super cute pic of the Hello Super 8 team at last month's Wave Hill wedding. We had a blast working with him. I got a sneak peak at his photos from the wedding today and they are STUNNING! I'll be sure to send a link when they go up on his blog.

In the meantime, take a look at us (pictured left to right is assistant extraordinaire, Jessica Lauretti, me, and the lovely and talented Tatiana McCabe):

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Weekly Wedding Round-up: Bow Ties & Cupcakes

This week, the magic is all in the details. Check out our favorite weddings, accessories, dresses, venues, and more.
  • We're all googly-eyed over everything at this Carmel, CA wedding: the illustrated invites, the bride's gray dress, the mix CD favors in vellum envelopes, the tower of cream puffs wedding cake, and, of course, Max Wanger's gorgeous photographs.
  • Once Wed spotlights some incredibly funky and cool bow ties from Forage. We'll take one of each!
  • Now, you probably wouldn't think of a market as the ideal place to wed, but couple Megan and Eric prove that the most unusual spaces can be the most spectacular at their Oklahoma City Farmers Market wedding.
  • It's always exciting when brides get a bit daring with their dresses. Janine Jarman, of Shear Genius fame, sports a funky, short, ruffly dress. What could be more appropriate for walking down the aisle to Madonna?
  • This darling, pastel-colored Cape Cod wedding has a lovely selection of cakes & pastries. We're ready for dessert!
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