Friday, 16 July 2010

Coming Soon from Hello Super 8!

Today two batches of film arrived from the lab, and the footage is absolutely gorgeous! We couldn't resist offering a sneak peak into Hello Super 8's upcoming wedding films.

Sari + Holly - Provincetown, MA (Check out our full report on this incredible celebration!)

Juanita + Rehan - Wave Hill (Featured in our June weddings locations post.)

We can't wait to edit the beautiful, colorful, super-8 wonderful footage from these June weddings. Stay tuned!


  1. wow, megan, the shots of our wedding are so magical! the peony is gorgeous. how am i going to make myself wait patiently for the super8?

  2. both of these weddings look gorgeous - the first one so classy and beautiful, the second one looks so fun. can't wait to see the finished films.

  3. Hi Megan and the crew..

    it was so much fun working with you ladies! all my guests had "too much fun" with the guest booth shot. Can't wait to see it!

    Sari, congratulations to you too! Funny to see that we had similar elements: peonies, super 8 , etc (plus my middle name is shari > pretty close)

  4. thanks, nita! and congrats to you too!


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