Monday, 21 June 2010

Celebrating Pride Month with a Wedding in Provincetown

June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, as declared by President Bill Clinton in June 2000, and Hello Super 8 got to celebrate in probably the best way ever: by filming a lovely same-sex wedding in Provincetown, MA this weekend. According to Provincetown Magazine, hundreds of couples from all over the world have come to Provincetown, "the gay marriage capital of America," to get married since same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts in 2004. Between June and October each year, 10-20 couples per day visit the town office to apply for a marriage license. We were lucky enough to get to capture the beautiful, intimate wedding of Sari & Holly on super 8 film, and we were thrilled to play a small role in supporting marriage equality.

It was great to check out Provincetown--a vibrant, gay-friendly community on the tip of Cape Cod--for the first time. Sari & Holly's wedding took place at the Red Inn, as charming a venue as you could ask for. It's nestled right up against the sea and was the perfect spot for a gathering of 55 close friends and family. The wedding featured gorgeous pink and white peonies all over (our favorites), fantastic food (provided by the Red Inn) and two wonderful officiants. One, Sari's rabbi from Chicago, gave a touching speech about how special it was that all of Sari & Holly's loved ones had traveled all the way to Massachusetts so that their union could be legal.

The celebration ended with wedding guests--an eclectic and fun bunch--dancing the night away under the stars. We can't wait to get started editing together Sari & Holly's super 8 wedding film; their joyous celebration will make a wonderful addition to Hello Super 8's collection. Plus, we're so happy to get the chance to show our support for all couples and look forward to the day when Provincetown (lovely as it is!) no longer needs to be the gay marriage capital.

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  1. Brava, Meghan! As usual you have knocked it out of the park.



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