Monday, 14 June 2010

Love Note from Hannah

This is the sweetest note from a favorite client last year. We had some additional footage to add to their film and sent it for their anniversary a year later. It makes us so happy to make others happy. :)
Happy anniversary to Hannah and Alan!

If you were here (or I was there!!) I would give you a huuuuuuuuuuuge hug of gratitude!
Our video was perfect before and this latest additional footage has taken it beyond perfection.

Was a fantastic surprise!

I've just watched it ten times and hopefully will not wear it out.

It is amazingly beautiful footage, it seems like those are the best conditions for Super 8 film. The angles and sun flares are so much more interesting than even our photographer managed to capture (as wonderful as he is!!!). Super 8 truly is a magical format isn't it, especially in the right hands ;) . The music of that last song seemed like it was being conducted to our footage too...... you really are super talented.

THANKYOU.... THANKYOU.... THANKYOU! You really have made my day today and made my memories of our wedding day even richer.

Thank-you for taking the time to re-edit our film, I know you didn't have to but I'm so glad you did.

Please keep in touch, and I will continue to read your blog to see all the wonderful adventures you get on this year.

[Image courtesy of Trevor Goldsmith]

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