Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Get Up Close and Personal with Art (we will be!)

Figment NYC is happening this weekend (Friday- Sunday) on Governors Island. What is Figment and why do we think it's so cool? Begun in July 2007, Figment is a participatory arts event that occurs in Boston and New York. For absolutely free, visitors can meet emerging artists and take part in the creative process by jumping into sound installations, riding the Human Weeble Wobble, and hula hooping (just to name a few of last year's exhibitions). Instead of standing behind ropes in a traditional art gallery, you can become an artist or part of the art itself at this innovative event. We think Figment will be a great way to enjoy the warm weekend weather and experience the arts.

We will be heading over with super 8 camera in tow to document all of the colorful fun. Hope to see you there!

[Image: Rose Petal Pool (c) 2008 Joanne Jovinelly]

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