Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"Meet the Vendor" feature on Hi-Fi Weddings blog

I was thrilled when Ashley, from Hi-Fi Weddings got in touch to A) talk shop about vintage cameras and B) be featured on her awesome website and take her kick-ass music questionnaire. Just to let you know, her site is SO COOL! I happened upon it by way of twitter and was thrilled to find out someone had a dedicated site to music for your wedding! She features awesome eye candy AND great music (my 2 fave topics!). It's a wonderful resource when you're at a loss for what to play at your event. I'm excited to have her great music guide when I'm searching for the perfect track to accompany groovy super 8 images.

Anyway, I could have agonized over her questionnaire, trying to figure out what made me sound cool or what others wanted to hear but I took the old "whatever comes to your head" route and was happy with my answers. Who wouldn't want to see Stevie with Erykah, Lauren, and Jill on back-up with Prince and Snoop opening? Or have a secret fantasy of rocking a mean jazz flute? HA!

Please read the feature here. Thanks to Ashley for including us. We hope to have some excellent clips with equally good music to share on her site in the near future!


  1. Oh hey! Hi-Fi Weddings is run by the biz partner of my Offbeat Mama editor. Small world. :)

  2. No way. That's awesome. Good peoples.

  3. what a nice write up. Love the questions and answers.

  4. YAY! hah! it's funny ariel said something cause i totally showed my biz partner (stephanie) cause i knew she'd love your music selections SO MUCH! and she totally did! so we both totally love you now :)

    so thanks for being awesome!


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