Friday, 2 July 2010

Weekly Wedding Round-up: Rainy Weddings & Storybook Invites

This week we found plenty of beautiful and inspirational wedding tidbits, including quite a few weddings that would look spectacular on super 8. Check out our favorite weddings, venues, tuxes, invites, and more!
  • Happily for this couple, rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck. We shot a rainy day wedding a while back and think "Isn't It a Lovely Day" by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald makes the perfect accompaniment to images of in-love couples under umbrellas.
  • This cozy Wisconsin wedding got a bit luckier as far as sunshine goes. We love the atmosphere, especially the warm evening light filtering through the trees (photographed by Jennifer Cress).
  • You gotta love a man with style. Check out groom Matt's snazzy, Joshua tree suit. The bride reveals to Ruffled: "I think he asked me to marry him mainly to have an excuse to get a custom suit." We have to admit, we'd probably do the same for a suit like this.
  • A simple and modern Chicago wedding at Prairie Production is flooded with bright sunlight and would be perfect for shooting on super 8.
  • Adorable DIY touches abound at this retro backyard wedding. We're smitten with the colorful origami flower centerpieces.
  • It's always fantastic when couples get creative, and this storybook-style wedding invitation--which details the couple's journey together--goes above and beyond. Artist & groom Giles Timms designed and illustrated his own very cool (and sweet!) invites.
    Enjoy all this great eye candy and happy long weekend!

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