Friday, 30 July 2010

Love Note from Sari

I don’t know even know what to say. We just watched the movie, and tears were pouring down my face (and I didn’t even cry during the ceremony itself)! Your eye, your attention to detail and to beauty, the way you edited the footage, the Super8 film itself— all of it came together in such a magical way, more emotional and intense than I could have dreamed. We both absolutely love the way you integrated our songs into the film; it feels so seamless and right. You somehow managed to include everything and everyone without making the camera obtrusive or even noticeable.

And what can I say about the package itself? Little did I know I would need the kleenex :) Adorable and beyond aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you thank you thank from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this perfect piece of art and for being so much FUN at our wedding. You definitely should be proud of this— it’s brilliant.

Photo credit: Weddings By Two

** STAY TUNED for their highlights film... we'll share it with you next week!

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