Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Darcy & Will's Alexandria Wedding

When comes to combining comfort with elegance, it's pretty difficult to compete with the South. We went down to Alexandria, VA to capture the rollicking union of Darcy and Will. Their outdoor ceremony took place in the backyard of a scenic Virgina manor and was replete with details that ensured the comfort of their guests while maintaining southern charm. We especially liked the wicker fans at the "cooling station" and the Scarlett O'Hara-esqe sun parasols. The bridal party all donned flip-flops rather than heels under their floral sundresses, a choice that undoubtedly paid off on the dance floor!

Check out the dance moves, details and more in the full wedding video!

Can't get enough of this jovial festivity? Check out the message booth from the wedding as the gleeful guests wish luck to the happy couple.


  1. What a fun, fun wedding. love the parasol shots. love the cute ivy league ring bearers. too cute. the guest booth was the best ever - especially the bright orange boa. what a fun loving bunch. oh and the music! too great. especially the witness song went perfectly with the raised hands. loved that part.

  2. OMGGGGGG I am crying into my dinner, LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! Congrats to Darcy and Will and fab fab videos ladies!!


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