Thursday, 16 September 2010

Chase & Tate's Aspen, CO wedding

We had the honor of traveling to the gorgeous setting of Aspen, CO to shoot the quirky, woodsy, wonderful wedding of Chase and Tate. This breathtaking affair featured both original details, such as the bride's beautifully bedazzled footwear, and stunning backdrops consisting of both pristine lakes and evergreen forests.

The ceremony was truly a family affair from Chase's own DIY touches, to the assortment of handmade pies made by her brother, to the setting of the wedding itself, which took place in the backyard of a family friend. The attention custom-made details of this outdoor ceremony added a marvelous feel to this free-spirited fĂȘte.

To see the exuberant couple and their vivacious affair in action, view the highlights below:

To view the full length film (18 minutes), click here.


  1. what a gorgeous setting for a wedding. And what fun was had by all at the reception.
    Love the music picks for the 18 min version especially the music from Amelie. Brilliant.


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