Thursday, 16 December 2010

Terra & Kevin's Marin, CA super 8 wedding film

Terra and Kevin wed in the misty hills of Marin, just over the Golden Gate Bridge. The Headland Center of the Arts was the perfect setting for their intimate ceremony and fun reception. The stylish couple pulled out all the stops for their rustic themed celebration. They were both so so happy that day and I think this little film captures their affection for one another perfectly.

Set to their incredibly romantic first dance song "Marry Song" by A Band of Horses.
Photo credit: Jamie Grenough


  1. Great work! Loved how you matched the lyrics of "sister, brother, mother & father" with the footage! And I'm crazy for the Band of Horses. I just used on of their songs on one of my last highlights too :)

  2. Thanks Gina! Yeah, that song was their first dance song and it worked really well with the edit. I love their stuff. :)


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