Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Megan & Ciaran's Goshen NY wedding

Megan & Ciaran celebrated their lovely wedding at the historic Harness Museum and race track in Goshen, NY (outside of NYC). Weddings aren't the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of a race track, but these pristine racing grounds provided a picture-perfect backdrop for Megan and Ciaran's ceremony.

Megan made an amazing effort at getting all of her details just right. The couple gave adorable personalized mini-planters to their guests as wedding favors so that they could take a bit of the charming decor home with them. The bride's choice of beautiful cerulean mason jar vases impeccably complimented her blush and coral flower arrangements. The festivity culminated with an absolutely dazzling sparkler send-off. Everything at this wedding was perfection!

See the highlights from this stunning occasion below!

Megan & Ciaran super 8 wedding highlights from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

*Photo credit: Dave Robbins


  1. Thank you, thank you!! Its amazing!

  2. I love this one! I'm so happy to see it all come together. The highlights reel is great.

  3. fabulous and unusual wedding. never saw one at a horse track before. very unique. the best shots were the guests holding sparklers and the close up of the sparkler for an ending. priceless.


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