Friday, 27 February 2009

Hello Guestbook

The "hello guestbook" is the coolest and most fun thing you could have at your event! Photo booths have been "the it item" at weddings but imagine having a memento of your friends and family in MOTION! Everyone has a blast creating messages for you and they can really let their creativity go wild.

We set up a camera on a tripod, lights, a backdrop and a message station in an inconspicuous area of your event and let the creativity unfold.

What words of wisdom will sweet Grandma Mabel pass on to you?
How will your friend Jill, the modern dancer, interpret her love for you?
What kind of brilliant creation will Amy the artist concoct for you?
How will your witty Uncle Joe embarrass you?
The list is endless.

To get an idea, please view a sample of our exclusive* client favorite:

Hello Guestbook from Megan Hill on Vimeo.

* Only available with Hello Super 8.


  1. wow. just viewed your entire blog and i'm dying to have my wedding done in 8mm film. i especially love the guestbook feature. my friends would have so much fun participating. what a great remembrance that would be. now i just have to find a man!!

  2. love it... love it!!!
    If I was the bride and groom I would never get anything done in my life. I would just be watching this.


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